1 Year Photo Session: Natalie

Sweet Natalie. Her smile lights up my heart.

Over the past year, I have gotten to watch as her sweet Mommy & Daddy became parents for the first time. I got to capture the moments as they welcomed her in to the world and into their hearts. I had the privilege to photograph her when she was first brought home (newborn session), when she began to lift her head (4 months), when she started to sit and crawl (9 months). In these previous photo sessions, I was able capture how absolutely adorable she is. But in this photo session – for the first time – I think I caught a glimpse of her spark.

Now little Ms. Natalie is not only walking, but running. She is starting to use sign-language and words. She has the cutest smiles and expressions I’ve ever seen. Her sweet little personality is coming into focus. She is an absolute joy and delight!

Natalie 1 Year Photo Session

Brittany & Chase,

It has been such a joy to watch this precious little girl grow over the past year. I can’t wait to get to know her in the years to come, and to see what wonderful things God has in store for her life. Thank you for sharing your lives & memories with us!

Mary Clark & Garrett

photography by psalm27creative – all images © Mary Clark Guillory 2013

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