Families & Little Ones Portrait Guide

I am so excited to share the new 2013 families & little ones portrait guide for psalm27creative!!!

Inside this fun digital magazine, you will find lots of goodies and some answers to my most-asked questions: details about the photo session experience with psalm27creative; info and ideas about choosing the perfect location; tips on what to wear and how to have a great session with your kids, regardless of age; a list of session and package types (and pricing!); and a tiny bit of info about the fun handcrafted photo artwork we can create with your images so that you can enjoy them every single day in your home!

Oh, and of course there are lots of lovely images from my previous sessions with families and little ones. If you’ve done a photo session with me in the past, you might just find your family or little cutie somewhere on these pages!


Here’s a small excerpt from the magazine….

Family Portrait Guide: What to Wear for Your Photo Session

  • Don’t try too hard to “match”. Instead coordinate. Choose colors and tones that compliment each other.
  • Feel free to dress up, but BE COMFORTABLE. We want to capture your family as you are. Be sure you can move and play in what you’re wearing.
  • Think about your location. What would you normally wear to the park? What colors would look good against the backdrop of the fall trees or spring flowers?
  • Don’t be afraid of color and pattern. A pop or two of color and design can add interest to the photographs. Neutrals are always great too!
  • Layer!!! Adding layer adds texture and gives you lots of options for different looks without a wardrobe change. Cardigans and jackets are great.
  • Accessorize! For her: jewelry, scarf, belt, hat; For him: tie, cufflinks, watch, hat.
  • Opt for clothing that is classic rather than super trendy – you want your photos to stand the test of time!
  • Things to avoid: large graphics, logos, “matchy-matchy” outfits (ie everyone in blue jeans and white shirts), baseball caps (they cast too much shadow on the face), short dresses or skirts, clothing that is uncomfortable or doesn’t fit!


Check out the entire portrait guide on issuu!

And be sure to share it with a friend or two!

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