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You asked. We listened.

For any of you who have done a photo session or wedding with us in the past you may know that we have a passion for real tangible photo products, and a love of photography traditions. I (Mary Clark) started out my adventures with photography in the darkroom at college. I spent countless hours in that little room, watching images appear on paper. The process, the smells, the time it took to get image from camera to paper. It was so magical. And, oh, how I miss it!

There are so many advantages that have come with the transition to digital photography. From efficiency to sharpness of images to the speed of turn-around. Technology is great! But it also has it’s downfalls. Sometimes we focus so much on the digital world, that we can neglect the real world we live in.

And this has been the heart of our struggle with digital files. Since we started our photography business, we have been resistant to “give away” digital files. Our fear is that our clients are so focused on getting all their digital files, that they miss the beauty of having a piece of wall art, a framed print, or an album that they can really enjoy in their everyday lives. Not to mention tangible memories to pass down to their children! I can’t even tell you how many folks have told me that they just want their digital files. That’s. All. And then I would go home and shed a tear (or two).

But…we love our clients. We listen to our clients. We hear your concerns and your desires, and we want to constantly strive to improve both our photography and our service to you. We have heard your requests for digital files. And we have answered. (The answer is YES! in case you’re wondering.)




Starting in 2014 all of our standard portrait sessions and wedding packages will include digital negatives. There will be a more thrifty option (Petite Portrait Sessions & the Basic Wedding Collection) for those who still want that option. But otherwise, you can rest at ease knowing that you will have access to the edited digital files from your session – the same ones you see in your online gallery.

Why did we change our mind about this, you ask? Well, firstly, we want to give you what you want! And secondly we have noticed that many folks only want to purchase the digital files after their session. And this made us sad. We want you to be able to really share & enjoy your images. We believe it’s so much more satisfying to come home to a beautiful wall portrait of your wedding or your kids, than to have to search for that disc of images and load them on to your computer scroll through.

And then there are the “DIY’ers” who plan to make their own prints, albums, or artwork. (I am one of you, so I totally understand!) But unfortunately this doesn’t always go as planned either. What we have seen is one of two outcomes. Either a client takes the digital files and makes their own artwork, and they are unhappy with the quality. OR the files get placed in a drawer and an item added to the bottom of your ever-lengthening “to-do” list. And then life gets in the way, and years later, you have no tangible memories from that beautiful photo session.

It is our job to research and vet different professional printing companies. And it is our job to find (or create!) the most-outstanding and beautiful photo products around. We do this so we can save you time & hassle. Let us take this one small thing off of your to-do list!

So back to the decision to include digital files. Here’s what we’re hoping. We are hoping that this will give you peace of mind. To know that you have your digital negatives for posterity. But more importantly, we hope this will free up your photography budget to purchase something fabulous. We believe that digital negatives are incredibly valuable – and we don’t want to take away from that. But more importantly, we believe that tangible memories are priceless artifacts to be displayed & enjoyed.

Your photographs are meant to be enjoyed – not just archived. We hope you will agree! Enjoy having those digital files. And then let’s create something beautiful to adorn your home!


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