Newborn Photo Session: Acadiana Grace

At about 2 weeks old we got around to taking some newborn photos of our little one, Acadiana Grace. I don’t know if it’s the stress of being a new parent, or the sleep deprivation of those first weeks, but can I just say, for the record, it is SO much harder to photograph your own newborn! On the upside, our house was an absolute MESS, so I didn’t have to clean. On the downside, we didn’t make it into any of these photos with her despite our best efforts. She may or may not have peed all over the backdrop and newborn posing beanbag. Of course it would be my child that would do this. Yikes! I feel like I can now identify SO MUCH BETTER with all those parents of newborns I have captured.

So parents of newborns who we are photographing – please know this:

1. I will not judge you if your house is a mess. There is no need for things to be perfect. We cleared a tiny spot in front of the crib to take these pictures.
2. Don’t worry if you’re running behind or you need to stop to feed or change the baby. Patience is a virtue and we are learning this more every day!
3. If your child is fussy and crying, seriously…it’s no big deal. We have had a very fussy newborn with tummy issues, and it was a challenge to capture a few peaceful moments between feeding, diapering, and tears. We will make it work.
4. Pee & poop. It happens. Don’t stress.
5. Get in some photos with your little one. They will undoubtedly be the focus, but it will be priceless to have some memories of all of you in these early days. And a special note for Moms: I know you have been through a LOT. You may be uncomfortable at best, or hurting at worst. And being in a photograph is probably the last thing you feel like doing. But trust me, you are gorgeous. You have that new momma glow. There is nothing more lovely than a picture of a newborn with their beautiful Mommy. And if nothing else – use your photo session as an excuse to take a nice long shower while someone else watches your little one.
6. It’s totally worth the effort. It may seem like a lot of work to get newborn photos made in those first couple weeks, but just do it! It’s amazing how fast newborns grow and change. Garrett swears that Acadiana is different every day when he comes home from work!

And without further ado…here is our little 2-week old cutie!


Other photographers – would you agree that it’s harder to photograph your own child? What are some of the lessons you have learned from photographing your own little ones? I am super excited to have one of our talented photographer friends take some photos of all three of us this fall!


We are so blessed to be able to capture these sweet newborn moments for other new moms & dads too!
We would love to work with your family to make some memories.

Contact us if you would like more information about a maternity, newborn, or family photo session with psalm27creative.double-line

photography by psalm27creative – all images © Garrett & Mary Clark Guillory 2014

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